Dear customer,

I want to personally thank you for taking the time to learn a little bit about the company Fischer&Cie, manufacturer of highly individualised timepieces.

As a passionate watch collector, it came to my attention that even the most expensive luxury timepieces are in fact mass produced items. They are built using many mass-produced components, are similar in design, are then beautifully presented in the window of jewellers, who then go on to sell them in cases by the million. This was not the type of watch company I dreamt of. Bringing more of these ordinary watches to the market wasn’t really of interest to me. What I wanted to create was a watch, which was made using the very best components and built for the individual – a real personal item. This is the founding idea behind Fischer&Cie. and starts the journey to find the right group of people to share my passion for timepieces and for highly individualised products. Today Fischer&Cie is made up of passionate horologists, who specialise in making our customer’s dreams of a highly individual mechanical wristwatch come true.

Our experience and knowhow means that putting together a highly crafted timepiece is now a well-practiced exercise. However, we still look forward to starting every new project, for every individual who comes to us. It is only when the finished watch is realised that we feel that sense of achievement, which we first experienced when we created our very first watch.

I hope this goes some way towards encouraging you to place your faith in our passion, skill and attention to detail. Should you chose to entrust us with your dream of a fully personalised timepiece, please be assured that we will invest all of our knowledge, creativity and experience into your individual made to measure timepiece, so that you will have something unique of which Fischer&Cie and you can be proud.

Sincerely yours,

Axel Kmonitzek

Geschäftsführer Axel Kmonitzek und Designer Christopher Graf

CEO Axel Kmonitzek and Designer Christopher Graf