Fischer&Cie.’s Model Number One is the classic Fischer & Cie custom timepiece. Using a large case (diameter 42mm) and a bold approach to its construction, it is a watch which is unmistakably masculine. The case’s size offers a high level of protection for the precision mechanism assuring the watch’s reliability. The glass base allows the inner workings to be viewed. Model Number One is available in a number of different and combinable variants, which allow a high level of customisation for an individual timepiece. It is the ideal base upon which to create your custom watch.


The Model Number One features a highly resistant 316l stainless steel case, which at 42mm in diameter is both bold and masculine. The watch’s thickness of 10.7 mm makes for a confident appearance and ensures that on the wrist the watch has real presence. Its weight gives it a balanced feel and conveys a sense of the high quality materials used in its construction to the wearer, without feeling excessive. The Model Number One comes complete with non-reflective sapphire glass, ensuring an extremely high level of scratch resistance, combined with crystal clarity. At the back of the watch, there is the option of a glass or closed back. This gives the owner the option of being able to see the movement at work, or having a large area which can be custom engraved.

Model Number One is available in a number of different variations, this includes the basic form of the case. The two options are for a case with integrated lugs for the strap, or for a non-integrated lug version (see image). Whichever option you chose, the same high quality finish will be achieved and the choice should be made according to personal preference. Integrated lugs generally make for a more elegant and classic looking watch, while the non-integrated lug version is considered more contemporary, unconventional and modern.

In addition to the options relating to the lugs for the strap for the watch, a number of different components can also be individually specified. The bezel, for example (link). This has a large influence on the overall appearance of your timepiece, and is therefore very important. The case of the watch is available with a bezel which sits at 45 degrees, 90 degrees, rounded, or textured. The 45 degree option tapers away from the glass for an extremely harmonic and balanced appearance, the 90 degree bezel however does not taper. It gives the watch a far bolder look, emphasising the cylindrical form of the case. The rounded bezel, by contrast, makes for an organic transition between the glass and the case, which gives it an extremely personal feel. The textured bezel is a variant of the rounded bezel where the metal has been textured giving a slightly more industrial feel.

Just as there are options for the bezel, so too are there for the crown and the hands of the watch. These options are explored in a dedicated section.

The Model Number One features a high quality, precision hand wound watch mechanism. Compared to an automatic watch, a hand wound mechanism does not have a rotor which obstructs the view of the beautiful interaction of the components at the watch’s heart – the movement. The hand winding process is also something considered to be a classical ritual amongst passionate horologists, as it allows them to interact with the timepiece in a way not possible with other types of movements. Our Model Number One watch uses a Swiss made mechanical mechanism built by the legendary brand Unitas. Their mechanisms have been built since the 1920s, and were originally featured in pocket watches. This is optimal for the Model Number One, as it allows the mechanism to fit perfectly inside the case. The mechanism features 17 jewels and has over 16 ½ lignes. The watch is capable of 50 hours service on a single wind. Even in its most basic form, our Unitas mechanism has beauty, however should you wish, our skilled craftsmen are able to modify and refine this to your tastes, for example adding a swan neck or a three quarter movement.