Fischer&Cie’s Model Number Three is a timepiece which, because of its elegant case-diameter of 37mm, is suitable for the gentlemen who prefers a more discrete and elegant watch size as well as for the lady who is looking for a sportive watch.


Fischer&Cie’s Model Number Three offers very similar high-grade attributes as Model Number Two. Its case is crafted out of high-tensile 316l-stainless-steel, it features a scratch-resistant sapphire-crystal and it is powered by a fine Swiss automatic movement. Compared to our Model Number Two it features a smaller case-diameter of 37mm (in comparison to 40mm) which is a perfect unisex size: As in our days women prefer slightly larger, more masculine watches, Model Number Three offers the perfect basis for a sportive ladies watch. This, however, does not mean that our model number three can only be worn by women – a diameter of 37mm is a classic mens-watch size and is therefore in equal measure suitable for men who are looking for a classically sized watch as well as for the gentleman with a smaller wrist. For Model Number Three we offer a selection of pre-designed dials, which can be refined with an elegant name- or logo-print. Moreover, our design team is happy to create a unique dial for your personal Fischer&Cie. Model Number Three in order to craft a truly unique timepiece.