Every part that we use to build your bespoke watch fulfils our highest standards in terms of quality, feel and endurance. We exclusively build watches that we entirely identify with, and this philosophy does not leave room for compromises of any kind.


After the completion of the creation process your personal dial will be produced by hand. Different traditional techniques are being used, depending on the desired appearance of the dial. These techniques range from printing on copper to needle etching and skeletonizing of pure gold dials.


We only use cases which are being cutted out of full metal billets. This leads to a superior quality compared to cases which are produced by blanking-techniques. According to your personal ideas our watchmakers polish, matt, bowl glaze or sand blast your individual case. As a matter of course also combinations of these techniques are possible, our team will be happy to consult you on the countless options. Our steel-cases consist of highly durable 316-L stainless-steel which offers a maximum of corrosion-resistance and fracture-strength. Besides crafting stainless-steel watches we also offer watches in pure gold or platinum.


We love watches, especially mechanical ones. While the dial forms the face of every watch the movement can be seen as its heart, which reliably and consistently gives live to your gem. We offer an exquisite selection of top-quality and prominent Swiss made movements, which can be individually refined. The refining-options lead from the installation of a swan-neck-regulation over the application of several different cuts to a handcrafted skeletonizing of the whole movement. For those, who do not need a Swiss-made movement we offer some very interesting alternatives, which are also top-quality at a lower price.

Watch bands

The strap is the connection between the watch and its bearer, and as a result of this important function no compromises in terms of quality may be made. We offer a wide variety of very different high-quality watch bands which securely attach your bespoke watch to your wrist. Our selection ranges from fine leather straps over fashionable textile- and rubber-bands to solid and heavy stainless-steel straps.