Originally I did not want to open the parcel until my birthday, but my curiosity was too strong. Now I am already wearing the watch and it is a pure CLASSIC, simply beautiful, I like it very much! I hope that many more Fischer&Cie. watches will find happy owners! Peter Hildebrandt, Cologne, Germany


The watch arrived today safe and sound – thank you very much. It looks even better in reality than on the pictures! Rolf Litzinger, Hechingen, Germany


My Fischer&Cie. watch has just arrived – thank you very much for this dependable and trustworthy transaction. Both, small and large mechanically driven masterpieces deserve admiration and it is always a great pleasure to look at them and to use them! Hans-Werner Reif, Urmitz, Germany


I really like my new Fischer&Cie. watch, especially because of its beautiful design and its exceptional craftsmanship. The individual layout of the dial with the “Z III” instead of the “12” makes the watch very individual and forms a perfect link to our car association. Thank you very much for this beautiful piece! Horst Kreiner, Kirchheim, Germany