Fischer&Cie. are manufacturers of high quality mechanical wristwatches which are made to meet the individual wishes of our customers. Just as a made to measure suit is made to your exact requirements, so too is a timepiece from Fischer&Cie. This means that every timepiece made by us is as individual as the person who wears it. For this reason, the crafting of a Fischer&Cie. watch takes place only after extensive consultation with the customer. That does not mean that we leave you without guidance. Our experienced team is there to design your watch to your requirements. We are at your disposal to answer questions and help you make the correct decisions. We realise that these things take time, so there will be no pressure, just highly skilled craftsmen waiting to meet your wishes.

Once the design and features have been decided, the creation of the physical timepiece will take place. Lovingly assembled by hand, our experts will take every care to ensure that a perfect watch is ready for you when it is finished.

We hope that this small insight into what we do has revealed a little about what makes our approach so unique and helped to highlight precisely what we can do for you. Below you will find a small selection of questions which customers have previously asked. Should you have any questions of your own, please do not hesitate to contact us.

I am interested in a custom watch. How do I go about getting one?

The first thing you should do is to get in contact with us. Either send us an email, or telephone us. It doesn’t matter at this point if you are actually ready to start your own watch project, or if you simply want to know more. We will be there ready to answer your questions and offer advice. There is no pressure and no commitment to purchase. We love watches, and enjoy discussing them with people.

If you decide to go ahead and create a custom watch, then we will begin the planning phase. Our experienced watch designer will help you to conceptualise your own individual timepiece. It is a process into which we put in a lot of time to ensure that we are able to meet each and every wish that you have to realise it into the finished article.

How individual is a custom watch? What possibilities do I have?

The first thing to remember is that anything is possible during the concept phase and production of a custom timepiece. The only limiting factor is, as it is with most things, the price. For example, should you wish to create a watch which has a completely individually shaped case, then we will be able to create just that, and produce the case to your specifications and finished as you desire. The work that this involves however should not be underestimated. For this reason, most of our customers base their watch on one of our base cases. This can be individualised in many ways, as can nearly every other component on the watch. This means that there will not be two the same.

Which parts in particular can be customised for your watch?

When starting with one of our base models, almost every single component can be individually customised. For example the finish used on the watch casing. It can be polished, brushed or given a satin or pearlescent paint finish. These finishes can also be combined. There are also countless variations for the bezel, or the crown, the back and the strap or bracelet. All of which can be individually specified. Another important part of the watch which defines its look is the face. For this reason we offer the possibility to completely customise it, or for you to chose one of our standard faces. It is the same for the hands of the watch. Should you want something a little different, this can also be done, or you can chose from our large selection to get the look you are after. Individualisation of the timepiece also means the mechanism upon which the watch is based. Our experienced watch makers will guide you through the options to make your watch even more individual. We hope this gives you a little bit of an idea about what we can do. There are so many different possibilities that writing a text to cover it, is difficult in itself.

Why don’t Fischer&Cie. offer a Quartz mechanism?

At Fischer&Cie. our passion is for watches. The details are important, as are the individual components which make up your watch. The movement used is of particular importance. A battery driven quartz watch has without doubt many advantages over a mechanical movement. It is more exact, it is cheaper and it doesn’t need any maintenance. If you look at it with detachment, there is no contest. However at Fischer&Cie. we feel there is a certain romance and elegance surrounding a mechanical timepiece that we feel a quartz movement doesn’t have. What could be nicer than having a glass back to the watch, so you can see the parts interacting with each other, see the wheels precisely engaging, and the tiny motion which gives your timepiece life? A quartz watch is able to do many things, but putting on a show like this is not one of them. Because of this passion, and because we want to invest our passion into your timepiece, Fischer&Cie. have chosen not to offer a quartz movement.

How do I know the quality of a Fischer&Cie. watch?

Most watch manufacturers promise that their watches are the highest quality, most exclusive and the finest timepieces there are. It is very easy to get carried away with marketing claims, and we don’t wish to walk that path. However, we firmly believe that our products deliver precisely what we promise to our customers. This is something we want to explain. A watch is only as good as each of the components, and they are only as good as the skill and workmanship which went into making them. We know this, and therefore only chose parts which meet our high levels of quality control and specifications. For the same reason we only work with suppliers who we completely trust to deliver us the components of the desired quality. The cases we use are machined from stainless steal and finished by hand, the face of the watch is made by a small manufacturer using traditional methods, our mechanisms come from one of the most prominent names in watch manufacturing in Switzerland. Everything can be traced, and everything meets the highest standards. It is our name on the timepiece, and our reputation on the line. We love watches, and it is for the reasons mentioned above that the quality of the timepiece you order is assured.

How long does it take to create a custom watch?

The time it takes to make a watch varies as the level of customisation does. As each timepiece is as individual as the customer, the time it takes to create depends on the wishes and desires of the customer. The more complex the creation, the longer the manufacture will take. On average though, our experience tells us that it will be between 4 and 6 weeks for the majority of customers.

If you require the custom timepiece for an event (for example as a present) then please let us know during the planning phase. This will help assure that the watch arrives in plenty of time, so that it is as stress free as possible.

How much will a custom watch cost?

The answer here depends again completely on the level of customisation required. The more specific and far reaching the desire of the customer, the higher the price will be. That said, we are used to working within your budget, and will do everything that we can to help you create the watch of your desires within the price bracket which you have in mind. We think that you will be pleasantly surprised that you don’t need to spend a couple of month’s salary in order to create a custom Fischer&Cie. timepiece of your own. In fact, our prices can be compared to that of ‘off the peg’ watches.

Can Fischer&Cie. produce a small series of watches?

If the customer desires we can make a number of watches to the same specification. Each one will be approached with the same loving care and attention that all of our watches are subject to. We realise that companies, and clubs would sometimes like something a little special and exclusive to award their members. Of course, the level of customisation which can be achieved is completely up to the customer.